The NIJ Justice for Children Community is developing a self-learning course on juvenile rights in the criminal justice process

In connection with the amendments to the Code of Criminal Procedure, promulgated in the State Gazette No. 48/02.06.2023, and the change in the regulation on criminal justice for minors introduced by them (in force from 01.09.2023). ), the Justice for Children Community of the National Institute of Justice is developing a self-learning course focused on the rights of minors involved in criminal proceedings, with the goal to meet the needs for specialized training in this field, of judges, prosecutors and investigators.

In addition to the self-learning resource, the National Institute of Justice is preparing a series of training activities to ensure the training of law enforcement bodies in the field of children’s rights, which will be conducted in the period October – December 2023.

The self-learning course will be available on the e-Learning Portal of the NIj from 1 September 2023, and upon successful completion the participants will receive an automatically generated certificate.

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