Activity 4 – Reinforcement and reinvigoration of the human rights forum

The activity envisions the reinforcement of the human rights forum established by the Supreme Judicial Council in the framework of the project “Support to the Supreme Judicial Council related to capacity building and improving the efficiency of the judiciary”, funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, as a sustainable information exchange platform and expert assistance in the field of human rights.

The Forum is viewed to encompass judges, prosecutors, investigating magistrates and experts with in-depth knowledge and skills in applying fundamental standards. They will take part in the NIJ training activities on fundamental rights and will provide expert support to their colleagues in their day-to-day work, when there is a need for specialized expertise in the field.

This activity will be implemented in partnership with the Norwegian Courts Administration.

NIJ Forum on Human Rights

The NIJ project “Modern learning environment for judges, prosecutors, investigating magistrates and other legal professionals”, funded under the Justice Programme of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism (NFM) 2014-2021, envisages strengthening and upgrading the Human Rights Forum, established by the Supreme Judicial Council during the previous NFM programming period, as a sustainable platform for information exchange and expert support in the field of fundamental rights protection.

The Human Rights Forum is an effective and sustainable tool for planning the overall training activities of the Institute in line with the fundamental rights. The NIJ Forum functions through established communities that are assigned specific tasks in the field of the rule of law, ethics and professional conduct, justice for children, protection of fundamental rights and various aspects of law enforcement.

The following professional communities have been established within the Forum on Human Rights:

– Judicial ethics and professional conduct;

– Justice for children;

– Protection of human rights in civil, criminal and administrative law context.

 The Human Rights Forum also hosts a group for the development of structured training content of self-learning resources (manuals, guides and handbooks) to support the planning and implementation of the NIJ training activities.

The Forum communities are built on a multi-professional basis and include magistrates, employees from institutions with relevant competences, NGO representatives and other professionals with in-depth knowledge and experience.

The main function of the human rights protection communities is related to planning the NIJ training activities in accordance with the fundamental standards for human rights protection and information exchange.

As of 10.03.2023, the Forum members amounted to 126.

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