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Cookies Policy

Cookies are small text files sent by a website server and stored on your device (such as a computer, table or phone).

When you visit our website, we use cookies for web session management and authentication and also for web browser security. The cookies are also implemented to ensure a proper technical functioning of the website, and they help us store user preferences and track usage trends on an aggregated basis. For this reason, we may collect some data on your browsing experience, such as your IP address, browser type, language and screen size, the page you visited, the time and date of the visit and the website page you were redirected from.

This information is used to gather aggregated and anonymous statistics with a view to improving our services and your user experience.

Disallow Google Analytics to track my site usage

We do not set any cookies when we display social media buttons that connect to those services when our website pages are loaded on your computer (or other devices), or from components from those media services embedded in our web pages. Please note, however, that based on your preferences for these external services, some cookies may be loaded, for example, with your preferences for YouTube videos.

Each social media channel has their own policy on the way they process your personal data when you access their sites. More information can be found here:

Privacy Policy

The website does not collect any personal information.

Data policy

This policy describes the information we process to support the webpage of the “IP Why Not” project and its interactions with users. The website has two types of users:

  • Public users;
  • Registered (administrative) users.

Data on public users is detailed in our Cookie policy. The web site does not collect any personal information for administrative users.

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