The self-learning resources “Administrative Judge’s Guide – General and Special Part (Book One)” and “Investigator’s Guide” are published in the E-learning Portal of the National Institute of Justice

Within the framework of the project “Modern learning environment for judges, prosecutors, investigating magistrates and other leagl professionals”, funded by the Justice Programme, Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2014-2021, teams of judicial trainers developed the series “Knowledge is Power” – 10 teaching aids that systematically and thoroughly develop the judicial training standards with practical content as a transition from knowledge to skills and competences. 

Since today, the first two editions of the series, “Administrative Judge’s Guide – General and Special Part (Book One)” and “Investigator’s Guide”, are available on the NIJ E-Learning Portal.

After printing out the two editions, all Bulgarian magistrates will receive copies of the publications relevant to their professional role (judge, prosecutor, investigating magistrate)

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